Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Drive-In

Unforeseen circumstances caused me to have to shut down my Drive-In last Friday, but I'm back this week, and  with a bit of a tip of the old cowl to the wonderful Astrovania, I'm bringing Kathy Bates with me! Who doesn't love this movie? Even my mom loves this movie. It's one of those rare instances when horror crosses that boundary where it's only enjoyed by a select few weirdos like us, and magically becomes accepted by the masses. It's the sledgehammer scene, yanno? Joe Public may not like to admit it, but they get off on sadistic shit like that, just like we do.

When a best selling novelist crashes his car in a blizzard, he's rescued by his "number one fan", who just so happens to be completely nuts. She's obsessed with the characters of his novels, and completely flips her shit when she finds out that he plans to kill one of them in his next book.

Cockadoodie Car!!!

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