Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Villain Revealed!

For those who have been keeping up with the events in The Dark Knight, in which someone is causing Bat-villains to Hulk-Out, it was revealed on the last page of issue 4 that the one and only Scarecrow was to blame! I loves me some Scarecrow, in fact he's second only to Joker in my mind when it comes to Bat-villains. Here's what happened in this week's latest issue...

For those of you keeping score at home, this is like the fifth time that Batman has beaten the crap out of Supes in continuity. Tell me again about how Batman could never beat up Superman? Didn't think so.

All signs point to Scarecrow's latest batch of Fear Toxin being laced with Venom, the juice that gives Bane his super-strength. I'm thinking that even though he hasn't shown up yet, we're looking at a Scarecrow/Bane collabo, but it's still unclear as to who the White Rabbit chick is. Stay tuned for further info as it's released...same Bat-time, same Bat-Blog!


The Artist Formerly Known as J. Astro said...

I never cared that much for DC's Scarecrow until Cillian Murphy took that smallish role in BATMAN BEGINS and simply blew it outta the water. He was soooo good, it made me go back and appreciate the character more.

Ricky said...

I thought Murphy was under-used as Scarecrow.

Mister Bones said...

Scarecrow's always been my second fave Bat villain. I love him in the comics, his episodes of Batman the Animated Series are some of the best of the entire run, including my absolute favorite episode of the entire show, Over the Edge, and agree completely that he was underused in Batman Begins. There was a lot of potential there with the fear gas and it's effects. The few times we actually got to see it in action were my favorite scenes in the movie.

Daddy isTalking said...

It was all a fluke, in the last issue Batman will wake up and find it was all a dream that he ever beat up Supes.
I have to say that I agree, Scarecrow has been one of my favorite villains as well and really loved him in the animated series.
I would have loved to see him more in Begins because it was really some of the best parts of the movie.

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