Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gotham City Impostors Impostors

Yep, still severely addicted to Gotham City Impostors. So much so that I've officially played it on more days than games like Dead Island, Gears of War 3, any Call of Duty game, and even Battlefield 3, and I'm showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Seriously, this game owns my soul. Today I was looking around for some custom art and such for it, just to see if anybody else out there shared in my obsession, and while I didn't find much in the way of original art, I did find a contest that a website known as Destructoid ran. The contest tasked entrants to come up with a costume similar to the ones the characters in the game wear, some were good, most were lame, but I still thought I'd share some of my favorites here. The winner, by the way, won a copy of the game, and a system of their choice, along with some Gotham City Impostors swag. REALLY wishing I would've known about this contest....

These next two are of the winner, and I have to give him props, his costume was definitely the best of all the entries posted on the site. I'm not incredibly fond of the cowl he chose to recreate, but it's in the game and that doesn't change the fact that he did a hell of a job. 

This next one is my absolute favorite of anything I've seen so far. Apparently a group of people dressed up for the European release of the game and took to the streets of London in full GCI garb. The guy with the cardboard box mask looks fantastic, exactly as it looks in the game. Great picture too, I absolutely love this.

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