Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just a couple different things worth mentioning this week, it was a fairly heavy DC week for me, as usual. Sadly, the final arc of Sweet Tooth has begun, the final issue of Justice League International shipped, and Marvel's current cash-cow "Avengers vs X-Men" continues to waste both my time, and plenty of Marvelites' hard earned monies. I dunno, maybe they are enjoying this shit, but it hasn't done a thing for me. Anyway, let's get it.

Ever wondered what would happen if Deadpool stopped hearing the voices in his head that make him such a lovable lunatic? You're in luck, fanboy, Cullen Bunn has apparently wondered the same thing and he's writing the answer to that very question in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Myself, I like Deadpool when he's batshit crazy, but I also like Cullen Bunn as a writer and where he goes, I tend to follow. These little offshoot mini's tend to be pretty damn fun reads, I of course loved Garth Ennis' "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe", and even liked the two "vs" series, Punisher vs The Marvel U, and Wolverine vs The Marvel U. It's always a good time when a writer takes familiar characters and changes them up, throwing them in unfamiliar places and situations. Bunn is one hell of a story teller too, so this one shouldn't disappoint.

Everything that Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder have been building towards in both Animal Man and Swamp Thing respectively is about to come to a beautifully bloody head. The Rot has invaded Earth, and it's up to the avatars of the Red and Green, Animal Man and Swampy, to put a stop to it before the planet falls into decay. Judging by the title of the story, "Rotworld", I fear for their chances of succeeding. I've already talked at length about my love for both Lemire and Snyder before, so I won't bore anyone with that this time. Let's just say that they're both writing books about characters that I either have never cared much for, or never even bothered to read, and they've both turned them into two of my favorite comics at the moment. Supremely pumped for this Rotworld collaboration between the two of them. The issues that shipped this week serve as parts one and two of the Prelude to Rotworld, which officially begins in Animal Man #13 and continues through the next few issues of both that title and Swamp Thing. I flat out guarantee that this story is going to be amazing.

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