Monday, August 6, 2012

[Rec] 3 Genesis

Pure. Fucking. Brilliance. That's the easiest way to describe the third film in the [Rec] series. As this one's making the rounds in the horror blogging community, I'm not going to waste much of your precious time, dear reader. There are plenty of places to read about this flick, and I tend to agree with most of the praise it's receiving.

I admit to being a fan of the [Rec] films, and yes, even the second. In all honesty, had Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza just done another similar sequel, I probably would've dug it too. Sequels are generally just more of the same, regardless of the media. These days, things tend to be wary of this and there seems to be a "rule of 3" with studios giving us plenty of movie franchise trilogies. I would've been perfectly happy had [Rec] been a trilogy, and then they called it a day. Well, Balaguero and Plaza didn't see it that way, and decided to do two more flicks, one each though instead of collaborating.

Genesis is Paco Plaza's sequel, which completely avoids any "same old thing" trappings by changing locales from a dark, urban, enclosed environment to a church wedding, in broad daylight. Another first in the [Rec] series, Plaza interjects comedic elements as well. This isn't a comedy, it's still a horror flick filled with loads of blood and gore, but there are a few laughs to be had as well. These changes are gutsy to say the least, but in my opinion, were absolute genius. These are the kinds of changes that don't always work in established franchises, but Plaza didn't re-invent the [Rec] wheel, he just made the series fresh again.

 I urge anyone who is into "infected" movies to give this a watch, it's a fucking blast. Even if maybe you didn't care for the first two, this one is different enough to be enjoyed on it's own. As for me, I really need to sit down and re-visit the first [Rec] because I want to say that it's my favorite of the series, but in all honesty, right now I'd have to say that Genesis takes that honor. That might be just because it's new, and I've fallen in love with it, but I guess time will tell on that one. Either way, Genesis has re-invigorated my excitement for this series, and I'm ready to see Balaguero's final entry, "Apocalypse" right the eff now.


Fistfull of Boomstick said...

I'm looking forward to this thanks to your review. Loved the first 2 recs but one of the dudes I trust with movies trashed this earlier. It's sent me confused lol.

Mister Bones said...

It's DEFINITELY different, but I loved it because it's just batshit crazy. It's like the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" of the Rec films. Thanks for the kind words and for reading!

Maynard Morrissey said...

Yay, another positive review! Saw it a few months ago on the big screen and omg, what a blast I had. Sooo much fun, sooo much gore. IMO way better than the muddled 2nd part.
Cool review, Mitch!

Anonymous said...

Here's a special interview with a genuine REC zombie, Jose Melinas! You need to check this out!