Saturday, August 11, 2012

VonKlingele Customs

Do you enjoy highly detailed, hand painted custom action figures, most of which are based upon obscure horror and exploitation films? Of COURSE you do. Well friend, allow me to point you in the direction of VonKlingele Kustoms. I found out about these custom action figures via a mutual friend on Facebook who was running a contest for a VonKlingele "Dear God No!" figure, which I of course mentioned earlier here. Once I saw the Nixon Vixen figure, I decided to check out some of their other work.

The very first pic I saw was this beauty:

This zombie Storm Trooper, or "Death Trooper" based upon the novel Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber, made my jaw drop. As you may or may not know, my brother is as into Star Wars as I am into Batman. In fact it's because of him that I even know of the existence of this book, and I knew I had to get him one. I contacted VonKlingele Kustoms to see if they did commissions, and fortunately they in fact do. Long story short, I told them what I wanted and a couple of weeks later, this beautiful beast is sitting proudly on my brother's shelf:

How amazingly badass is this? I knew I would be getting my money's worth when I asked for the commission, but damn, this went above and beyond what I was expecting. Needless to say, my bro was extremely happy with it. He was surprised too, as all I did was tell him that something awesome was heading his way and to clear a spot on his shelf for it. Never even hinted as to what it was. I can be a bastard like that, haha.

Here are some more of my favorite pics from previous work. These are just in random order, taken with permission from their Facebook page.

Exterminator 2

60's, 70's, and 80's era zombies


Caption N: The Game Master

Invincible isn't the only comic property getting some love, check out these Batman villains!

Finally, my personal favorite. Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the amazing SHARKTOPUS! I don't just want one of these in my life, I fucking need it. I want a Sharktopus diorama, complete with Eric Roberts figure and bungee jumping bikini girl! Make it happen VonKlingele!

Do yourself a favor and visit the official VonKlingele Kustoms Facebook page for even more photos. They are currently taking commissions, so if you want a Death Trooper for yourself be sure and hit them up, or make a request for something different. I guarantee you will get nothing but quality work, done in a timely manner at a very reasonable price. Tell Jacob that Mister Bones sent ya!

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