Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Dreddful Collaboration

That's right people, photoshop genius extraordinaire Frank Browning and myself have put our beautiful minds together once again to bring you a Batcave post of epic proportions! The idea was simple, movies are good...but imagine how much better some would be if they had Judge Dredd in them! That's essentially all the input I had in this, I threw some movie titles at Frank, and away he went...

A young man's mother contracts the 2T-FRU-T virus from a rabid prarie dog bite, she gets sick and dies. She returns from the grave, a side effect of the virus, and begins to feed on dogs, nurses, friends, and judges. In Mega City One, even the undead feel DREDD....

In order to get more in touch with the regular citizens of Mega City One, Judge Dredd poses as just another average Joe. Aided by his guide, a local media mogul, Dredd learns the ins and outs of everyday life. What he doesn't count on is his guide's daughter falling madly in love with him. With a jaw line like that, who could blame her?

When every bit of crime has been cleaned up in Mega City One, Judge Dredd invents a time machine so that he can eradicate crime throughout the ages. His first target? Legendary gangster Al Capone. Chicago might believe that Capone is untouchable...what they'll discover is that nobody is Unjudgeable.

In the midst of a massive Cube-break in Mega City One, several criminals have taken control of a shopping center! When Judge Dredd arrives on the scene, there's gonna be a clean-up on aisle Drokk.

When a group of teenagers travel to a secluded cabin out in The Cursed Earth, they unknowingly release flesh-posessing demons. Will Judge Dredd be able to contain them, or will the "Dredd-ites" take over Mega City One?

Brand new from AMC! This October, prisons all over Mega City One have been overrun with zombie perps! Only a ragtag group of Judges remain alive. The zombies may have the numbers, but the Judges have....DREDD.

A teenager has to deal with his girlfriend dumping him among family crises, homicidal paperboys, and a rival skier. Sounds like he could use some back-up....

When the dead begin to return to the streets of Mega City One, they'll face the business end of a Lawgiver. They may have cheated death, but they won't escape Judgement.


Once again, I owe Frank Browning a HUGE thank you. He absolutely killed on these, as he always does. Check out more of his fantastic work in our previous collaborations both here in the Batcave and over at Back Online, Back On Duty. While you're over there, be sure and check out Frank's other contributions as a both a writer and photoshop magician.

Frank, thanks again man. This post couldn't have happened without you, and it was a blast to write. I am once again in your debt.


DrunkethWizerd said...

Crazy shit right there! Love it.

Frank Browning said...

Always an honor to work with ya my Brother :D