Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Infernal Core!

I'm assuming if you're stopping by here, you're probably a fan of the make-up effects competition show on SyFy known as Face-Off. If that's the case, you might remember a few weeks back, the contestants got to go to ComiCon and meet with DC Comics artists to help them create a brand new super-hero. The results of this challenge were...disappointing to say the least. Of course time has shown this to be a fairly regular thing this season, but that's not the point here. The point is, the winner of the ComiCon challenge was to have his or her character appear in a DC comic in the future. I was expecting it to be maybe a one-shot, or a small page or two back-up story or something else as insignificant as that. Turns out I was wrong.

Last week, winning contestant Anthony Kosar's creation, The Infernal Core showed up in a book that I read regularly, Jeff Lemire's "Justice League Dark" in issue #16. In last month's issue, Deadman, whom had recently become alive again, was shot in the head and killed, again, and in issue #16 he runs across The Infernal Core attempting to escape the underworld. Of course Deadman kicks the holy hell out of him on the next page, but for a split second, Core looks pretty badass. Anyway, I figured you Face-Off fans who aren't comic readers might like to see, so here ya go:

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morgan wilke said...

I am really disappointed, I was in love with Anthony's original sketch and I really wish they had used that for the comic book. It would have been a thousand times better then putting in what made it up there on the stage. Sadly though, I thought they were supposed to be doing heroes not villains,a concept people seem to be lax on nowadays.