Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm in Crysis 2!

Check this shit out! I almost fell off the couch when I heard it. Yes, it's spelled wrong, but still. If I only liked Crysis before, I truly love it now, haha.

From Crysis Wiki: 
"Mitchell Reeves lies dead on the loading platform with two of his homeys, twitching under the ministrations of a pair of ticks."AlcatrazMitchell Reeves was a C.E.L.L. soldier that was killed by Ceph in the mission Dark Heart of Crysis 2.According to Hargreave, he was the best of his men aside from Tara Strickland. Dead bodies of his squad members are scattered about Dark Heart. Alcatraz can find three surviving members of the squad in alien-infested subway, but they are usually overrun by Ceph Stalkers. Reeves and his team are equipped with SCARM12 NovasMarshallsDSG-1sAY-69s, and one X-43 MIKE.

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Unknown said...

Just tell people that the Crysis team got your name wrong but you still got your Movie Check or game check in this case.