Saturday, February 9, 2013

Infinite Playlist

See that shiny new banner for the Infinite Playlist posts? You'll undoubtedly recognize it as yet another flawless effort from the incomparable Frank Browning. It's an amazing take on the poster from the movie "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", which is of course the inspiration for my musical posts, and is also a movie that I love deeply and I don't care who knows it.

Got some new tunes currently in heavy rotation in the Batcave. One is a new record from one of my favorite bands, another is an older track from a band I'm just now discovering, and the third is from an upcoming album from another personal favorite band. Let's get to it!

After being somewhat disappointed by their 2011 effort, "Rescue" I feared that we may have gotten the last great Silverstein album. Still, I had hopes that "This is How the Wind Shifts" would prove me wrong. Thankfully, it certainly has! I've been listening to it non-stop for most of this week, and I love it. Where as "Rescue" was a bit of a step in a different direction for the band, Wind seems sounds like they've decided to just stick to what they know best. That's definitely a good thing for we long time fans. Being that the album isn't quite a week old yet, I'm still not ready to declare an absolute favorite, but With Second Chances is the track that I usually start off with on my way to work, so for now I'm calling it my fave. Unfortunately, all I can find to share is a 30 second clip, and it ends as soon as it's about to get good. But what the hell, nobody reads these anyway. Here it is:

I forget how I first came across this video, but I instantly loved it. I had never listened to anything from For All Those Sleeping, but as soon as I heard this I decided to check out the full album. Glad I did too, Outspoken is pretty killer. The video I'm posting is for a song called "Mark My Words", and while it's not my favorite track on the album, I do think the video is great, and it's the one that gets the credit for introducing me to the band.

Finally, Bring me the Horizon's new song, Shadow Moses. This one hurts, as the single is already out, but we are going to have to wait all the way until April 30th for the release of the album, "Sempiternal". I've been in love with BMTH since "Suicide Season", and I have every confidence that the new record will be just as good, based off this first single.

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