Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amazing Spider-man Teaser

You can tell it's time for Comi Con, eh? Trailers and comic book news and announcements coming out of the woodwork. It's almost overwhelming this time of year. Hot on the heels of the Dark Knight Rises teaser I posted earlier this week, the first teaser for the Spider-man reboot hit the web, pun intended. Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with Sam Raimi's direction for the first three films, they seemed to fit the tone of the character perfectly.

This new one looks kind of darker in tone, and if you didn't know better at first, you'd think you had clicked a link for a new Dark Knight trailer instead. Guess Marvel is hoping for some Dark Knight-level success for the new Spidey. Only problem being , Spidey isn't a dark character. Yeah, he's been through some tough times before, but he's definitely no Batman. Eh, either way I'm sure I'll get some form of enjoyment from this movie, I dig Spider-man, especially his villains. Here's hoping for a real Green Goblin costume this time, and not some dorky green Power Ranger armor suit.

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Drake Sigar said...

Saw this yesterday and rolled my eyes so hard. I am Number Four, Jumper, Twilight, if I really thought about it I could probably name a dozen more recent flicks involving troubled teens discovering superpowers, and that’s not including the TV shows like Teen Wolf, Smallsville and Heroes.