Sunday, July 31, 2011

Infinite Playlist - Solace Lost at the Masquerade Special Edition

Last night I went to Atlanta for Music Mayhem at the Masquerade. 25 bands for $10 is never a bad deal, but when you take into account that Solace Lost was playing, it becomes the deal of the century. If you've followed the Infinite Playlist at all, you're already familiar with them as I constantly post anything they release, because I'm a good friend like that.

If you actually LISTEN to the stuff I post in the Infinite Playlist, you may also have noticed that they've changed the direction of their music slightly, and added a second vocalist. I've told them this, but in my opinion this is the best music they've done so far. Last night just made me even more sure, as despite the fact that I've seen them play several times over the past year or so, last night was like seeing them for the first time again. The set list contained all of the new stuff that they've released so far, a surprise cover of Sunglasses at Night which was badass, and even when they played some of the older stuff it somehow sounded even better than it used to.

So this Infinite Playlist post will once again be another Solace Lost edition, only this time I have a ton of pics to share as well, thanks to my girl Lissa who accompanied me once again into the big city. She's a good picture takerer, no? I'm also going to post the brand new demo they've released, Fading Regrets, for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear, they've also put their entire first album up for free download, and I highly recommend you check that out here. Of course if you're too lazy to download it, you can always listen to it in the player over there on your right. Solace Lost is going to set the Earth on FI-YURR, get in on this now so you can be one of those music snobs who can say they were listening to them WAY before they got popular and took over music. I'm totally gonna do that.

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Lissa Lycan said...

It was fun, pics would have been better if I'd had my Canon though.