Monday, July 25, 2011

Freddy Kombat!!!

What did I tell you about Comi Con week? This bit of news came from the gaming side of things, from our friends in the Mortal Kombat camp. It looks as if the one and only Freddy Krueger, of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame of course, will be added to the roster of playable characters via a DLC on August 9th. Looking at the trailer, it would appear that Mr. Krueger will prove to be a  more than formidable opponent for the residents of Outworld. You just know I have a couple minor issues though, and I do. First, he has claws on both hands, don't like it. Don't see why they couldn't have left one as a weapon hand and the other as strictly melee. Second,  it's "Jackie Earl Freddy" from the remake and not the real deal Robert Englund. This saddens me greatly, and even goes so far as to make this a little less cool. If it was a likeness issue with Robert, I would much rather they had just used a more generic looking Freddy.

Anyway, nitpicks are just that, nitpicks, and there's no way I'm not getting this dlc when it's released. I read that this would be the final content released for Mortal Kombat, but I can't help but hold out hope that since Freddy is being included, maybe a playable Jason Voorhees isn't totally out of the realm of possibility. Guess we'll just have to wait and see, and in the meantime, welcome Sub-Zero and the rest of the gang to prime time, bitch!


Zombie said...

freddy in mortal Kombat? Should be interesting. lol.

Lissa Lycan said...

Now THIS I will be playing when I come over! :D

Dr.Clones Monster Asylum said...

I will be getting him for the Kombat.
Even tho' he looks like the remake Freddy.