Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drop the Puck!

The greatest sport on Earth returns tonight! The puck drops on the 2011/2012 NHL regular season, and my Flyers are once again poised to rightfully claim Lord Stanley's Cup as their own. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend many games this season, if I'm able to attend any at all. My beloved Atlanta Thrashers sadly are no more, the team was sold and relocated to Winnipeg during the off season. I'm still extremely upset about it, and will continue to call bullshit for a couple of reasons. Winnipeg lost it's last hockey team to Phoenix ARIZONA. A city in CANADA lost it's ICE HOCKEY team to ARIZONA. Fuckers don't deserve my team. The other reason being there are worse teams in the league, who have longer playoff droughts and have consistently lower attendance. I'm looking at YOU, Florida Panthers and Phoenix Coyotes. Yes, the exact same Phoenix Coyotes that originally moved from Winnipeg. Why couldn't they just move the fuck back there and leave my Thrashers alone?

Anyway, at least I've found a way to remedy my hockey drought. As hard as it is to believe, there's actually a triple-A team that plays only 30 minutes from the Batcave, the Columbus Cottonmouths. If you've never seen triple-A hockey, you really should. They aren't getting paid much, and thus are ten times as angry as the pros. In the same building as the Cottonmouths, the greatest University in the entire world, Auburn, also began playing hockey last year. While they're definitely going through growing pains as they've just entered the world of collegiate hockey, that certainly doesn't make them any less fun to watch, or do anything to stop me from going and cheering on my Tigers. Finally, in order to at least get to watch some NHL hockey, I bought the NHL Gamecenter app for my PS3, and signed up for Gamecenter Live. With my subscription, I'll get up to 40 live games a week in HD, plus I get access to the NHL Vault where I can watch tons of classic games. Bet your ass the first thing I watched was my Flyers winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in 1974. So as you can see, I've got almost all my bases covered. Bring on the hockey!

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Holly said...

So much hockey! So little time. Super excited about hockey this year, although I must admit I am still as upset about losing our thrashers. Thanks again for introducing me to hockey, I love it!