Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Never Win Anything!

Ha! I literally never win anything, in fact I have the worst luck of anybody I know. Imagine my surprise when I went to one of my daily blog stops, Hayes Hudson's House of Horrors and saw that I was one of the winners of his latest dvd giveaway contests! I won a brand spanking new copy of Shellter, which looks like a pretty cool little flick. Not content with just shipping the dvd, Hayes even threw in a congratulations letter, some business cards, post cards, and a freaking House of Horrors magnet! Check out the pics below for a look at all the goodies. As you can see I'm putting my magnet to good use already, holding my "Happy Birthday to Me" and "Chopping Mall" stickers in place on the front of my fridge.

Thanks so much to Hayes Hudson's House of Horrors for the dvd and goodies. Much appreciated! The House of Horrors belongs in everybody's blog roll, if you've never visited, I highly recommend you click the link above and take a look around.

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Drunketh said...

Sweet! Nice goin'.