Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Won't You Die...Trent?

Ah, frat boys. They've always been a staple of horror films, particularly the slasher genre. While they're almost always a nuisance, they also tend to add a bit of comic relief as they're portrayed as bumbling, brain dead idiots who almost always meet a particularly humorous and untimely demise. Let's be honest here, the people who are writing/directing/producing these movies, not to mention the usual target audience, probably have had to deal with some degree of ridicule or even bullying from the alpha males in their respective high schools growing up. To be able to mock and ultimately kill off characters like these has got to be therapeutic to some degree.

Enter Trent, the uber-douchebag from Friday the 13th 2009. Not content to simply conform to the jock meathead mold of picking on the meak, he even goes so far as to act like a complete tool to the friends he's apparently invited to his parent's lake house simply to show it off. This guy seriously had the douchebag-o-meter way into the red. He didn't really start to push my buttons until he committed two sins though. First, he was a complete and total dick to Sam Winchester, who was only in town because his younger sister was missing and he was handing out fliers in the hopes that somebody had seen her. You do NOT disrespect a Winchester, son. Secondly, he banged the chick with the nicest boobs on planet Earth, even though he had what I assumed was his perfectly hot girlfriend already there at the cabin with him. Not only did he bang her, but then he let her get killed by Jason. Not cool, bro. Sorry but you gotta go.

And just as with most teenagers in a Friday the 13th film, go he does. Not as painfully as I'd hoped, but it's always fun to watch Jason run his machete through his chest before sticking his body on the back of the tow truck as it speeds away. As much as I enjoy that though, I'd be lying if I said I didn't get more enjoyment out of hearing Trent scream like a little bitch when the Sheriff's body crashes through the windshield of the patrol car he's sitting in. Trent, just die already bro.


Eric said...

Gah this guy sucked. He played the same character in Transformers, name and everything. Michael Bay connection. It was only a cameo.

The Artist Formerly Known as J. Astro said...

Agreed! and ditto what Eric said, I kinda like the connection, myself.

Gotta give the guy credit, he pulls off "ass-bag" characters with seemingly the greatest of ease.