Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mister Bones' Top 5

Yesterday I had a friend bring to my attention the existence of a porn parody of the Avengers. I'm not a big porn fan, despite the fact that making a statement like that will undoubtedly be met with a healthy amount of disbelief, and likely a fair amount of scoffing, I can only say that I have neither the time nor desire to attempt to prove the internet that I don't love porn. That being said, I will fully admit to enjoying the hell out of porn parody trailers. They're almost always hilarious, and they exist for just about every genre of film or pop culture these days. As I can off the top of my head think of 5 that I particularly found amusing, I thought this might be a good excuse for a Top 5 post.

Top 5 Porn Parody Trailers

Note, these are Youtube safe and have no nudity whatsoever, but may or may not be considered safe for work or family friendly. Watch at your own risk!

5. Star Wars XXX - This looks to be most of the actual plot in the trailer, as I can't imagine there is much left except for the naughty stuff. Nonetheless, it looks like a great Star Wars spoof, I especially love Chewbacca.

4. The Avengers XXX - I'm actually fairly impressed at some of the obscure Marvel characters featured in this one. Ms Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Spider-woman, and even Sharon Carter make the roster. Judging from the trailer, I guess Hulk is the villain? Don't know, but I have to give any porn with a CGI Iron Man in it props. 

3. Justice League XXX - Ron Jeremy as Penguin, and Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Need I say more?

2. Official Friday the 13th Parody - This one is hilarious for Jason's origin alone, if for no other reason. He drowned in the lake because his...ahem..."meat machete" was too heavy, and it acted as an anchor that kept him from being able to resurface. Bwahaha! 

1. Batman XXX - You knew this was gonna be my pick for #1, didn't ya? Yep, a Batman movie that I actually don't own is my favorite porn parody ever. It's a spoof of the 60's television Batman too, right down to the intro. I told myself I would eventually probably buy this one, as I'm helpless to resist Batman related stuff, but so far I haven't.

There they are in all the adult glory, my Top 5 Porn Parody Trailers! Some others that failed to make the cut were The XXXorcist, Saved by the Bell XXX, and of course who could forget Scooby Doo XXX. Tomorrow, we forget all this adult crap, and get back to what really matters, comics and stuff! Last porn post for a good while, I promise...

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