Thursday, June 7, 2012

These huge weeks after relatively light ones are always hard on the wallet. Luckily for me, I work for comics! Lotta #2's out this week, Earth 2 (which I will talk a bit more about later), World's Finest, X-O Manowar, and Dial H all ship their respective second issues. All of those were good reads, but there were a couple of standouts as per usual, and they're my picks for fresh ink this week.

Valiant comics continues their resurgence after a very strong first issue of X-O Manowar, with an equally strong relaunch of Harbinger. Joshua Dysart is writing this new series, and if the first issue is any indication it appears that he has done his homework. I'm actually relieved that so far these books seem to be sticking fairly close to what worked, and made them so good when Valiant first arrived on the scene in the late 90's. Harbingers are a group of psionics of varying levels, some of whom are even latent. It's a very rare occurrence, but when a Harbinger first manifests, the very first, or Omega Harbinger, Toyo Harada senses it and immediately sends agents of the Harada foundation to collect them. Needless to say, this doesn't sit particularly well with the book's main character, teenager Peter Stancheck. I will admit that so far for new readers not a whole lot of this is clear right away, but this is just a first issue, and there's a lot of story to set up here. For those of us who fondly remember the original series, this new Harbinger is off to a very promising start.

A new anthology book! Woo! And Steve Niles is writing one of the stories! Double Woo! As has been stated previously, if Steve Niles has his name on it, consider me signed up. Creator Owned Heroes is a brand new series from Image, made up of two main stories, and lots of back-up material like interviews, previews, and such. Steve Niles' contribution is called American Muscle, and looks so far like some sort of post-apocalyptic road trip story, complete with raiders and mutants. Should be fun! The other story is Trigger Girl 6 by writers Jutin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, and artist Phil Noto, whose minimalistic style is one that I just so happen to dig. Not a lot of story to go along with Phil's art in this first issue, but from what I gathered it looks as if Trigger Girls are assassins that are either cloned or genetically enhanced in a lab of some sort, then programmed, and given a mission to carry out. In this issue, the Trigger Girl is sent to take down a Senator. The why's and whatnot aren't given, but so far so good. As stated, I love me an anthology book. Especially one that gives the spotlight to creator-owned properties from some of my favorite creators.  Creator Owned Heroes is kinda like Dark Horse Presents, only $5 cheaper and with less content. The creators will rotate in and out as the stories end.

Now a little on Earth 2 #2, the infamous issue in which Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott is officially introduced into the New 52, and is openly gay. Now, my personal feelings toward that particular issue aside, looking at this with as open of a mind as possible, I can't help myself, I don't like it. Not because I'm a huge Alan Scott fan, I'm not, but this just feels like a completely un-necessary publicity stunt, looking to cash in on a hot-button issue going on in the real world today. I see absolutely no point whatsoever in even bringing a SUPERHERO'S sexual orientation up to begin with, but in this book Alan Scott literally appears in about four panels before he's shown sucking face with another dude. It's a SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK, why don't we leave stuff like sexual orientation, regardless of what it is, for the mature titles out there, of which there are plenty. This is exactly the kind of thing I expect from Marvel, but not so much from DC, I'm honestly more disappointed than anything else. The irony of having a superhero whose weakness just so happens to be WOOD be an openly gay character is also not lost on me, but that's neither here nor there.

Off my nerd soapbox now though, I don't like it simply because it's being blown out of proportion. Lotta good stuff out this week just waiting to be read. Hit your local comic shops people!

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