Monday, June 25, 2012

New Designs at Fright Rags!

Three all new designs went up Friday, and out of the three I'm interested in two. Here they are...

Love this zombified version of Revenge of the Nerds! A classic from my childhood reimagined, and also worth noting it's a Fright Rags shirt, and it's NOT black! Interjecting a little bit of color into my closet is always welcomed, especially in the Alabama summer heat.

Even cooler and an even bigger classic from my childhood, it's Chainsaw and Dave from the movie Summer School! I tell you no lie when I tell you that my brother and I have seen this movie hundreds of times. We basically watched it on repeat during the summers when we were kids. It was Summer School, Monster Squad, Rad, and Star Wars, all day every day. I can still recite this one all the way down to Chainsaw and Dave's collabo homework assignment in which they talk about the person whom they admire most in the world, make-up effects artist and creature creator Rick Baker, whose wonderfully gruesome slime bladders and slobber tubes in An American Werewolf in London won him a richly deserved Oscar.... Ahem, this is a must-own.

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