Saturday, March 21, 2009

Agents of Atlas

I guess it's finally time I break the comic book post barrier here in the Batcave, and I'm shamed by the fact that my first one is going to be about a Marvel comic but some things just need to be said. First things first, I'm way behind on my reading. I mean way behind. Here lately I've been attempting to catch up on some things and I've been attempting to downsize the "needs to be read" pile.

I read a lot of buzz on the internet about Agents of Atlas, and like a sucker I emailed John and asked him to pull me the first issue and add it to my sub (which is significantly smaller being that I no longer work at the comic store). I actually had this replace Amazing Spider-man as my sole Marvel title all based on everybody's reviews of the first issue. Jeff Parker is apparently the best thing to ever happen to comics, and if you're not reading his stuff then you shouldn't be allowed to live or something, I don't know.

So the other day I actually sat down to read the first two issues. Folks this is hands down the most boring fucking comic book that includes a monkey, a space man, a robot, and a chick with fairie dust sprinkles floating around her at all times that I have ever read. Seriously is there nothing Marvel can't fuck up? How the hell do you write a boring comic with monkeys and robots on the same team? It's a fucking travesty.

Jeff Parker's supremely "awesome" Agents of Atlas has since been removed from my pull list. It probably holds the record for shortest tenure as it was only on there for a couple of days. So I've finally made good on my threats of dropping Marvel completely as of last week. I even took the issues of AoA back to the store and told John he could just have them. I've said it before a thousand times, but please, somebody tell me when Quesada is done ruining the Marvel Universe.

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