Friday, March 6, 2009

Infinite Playlist - Death of a Hater

After a couple of rock/metal/however the fuck you want to label it songs, I thought I'd return to the wicked shit. Boondox is the best thing to come out of Psychopathic Records since Blaze ya Dead Home started tearing it up back in the day. His second full album, Krimson Creek absolutely blows his Psy debut record away, and this is the best track on the album, "Death of a Hater".

The thing about this track that really gets me is, no matter how much Boondox rips this shit up, he's still outdone by the incomparable Jamie Madrox (of Twiztid fame). I've talked about this guy before, he's a lyrical genius with some serious flow, and has the ability to steal an entire album with only one verse. This song is a prime example of this, and is probably one of Madrox's best verses of all time. Listen around the 1:30 mark for it.

Death Of A Hater (Feat. Jamie Madrox) - Boondox

Bonus! Even though he doesn't stop by here, I want to give an extra special birthday shout-out to my brother, the venerable Reverend GreggtheUndead. Happy Birthday ninja! Drink a couple for me.

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