Sunday, April 19, 2009

Epic A-Day!

I can't imagine there are too many of you, but for those who either don't love Auburn football, or just didn't know about it, Saturday was the annual A-Day Spring scrimmage game. This year's was especially important, as I had two first-timers riding with me (pictured above).

It was a great day, game was good though I'm left wondering whether our offense is really that good, or our defense has become that bad. Way too many big runs for my liking, but then I'm a defensive minded kinda guy, so I never like to see big plays on our defense. I want to see the defense killing people.

I also had my brother, the infamous G-regg and our old homie, the Big Burlesque himself, Cole with me and they were on a mission to eat the 20 oz. heart attack inducing burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger. This is one of those deals where if you eat the whole thing, they put your picture on the wall and everything. I admit, I was a bit intimidated, but then my eating habits have been screwed up since November so I had no intentions of tackling such a feat.

Gregg and Cole had no such reservations, and went ahead and ordered the monster. When the waitress brought them out, I was totally surprised at how un-impressive they were. These were basically just some Phil Phil burgers, only half the thickness. Seriously I grew up eating two Phil Phil's with some fries on the side every time we fired up the grill. I could've done this thing for a snack between meals before November. I sat and watched the fellas down these "famed" burgers along with baskets of onion rings. The Big Burlesque even took it a step further and downed a peach shake beforehand. So basically for everybody proud of your picture being on the wall at Cheeburger Cheeburger, I have only this to say...pfft.

So Cole and Gregg got their pic, which they opted to take together instead of separate. The waitress also handed them a Sharpie and told them to write whatever they wanted, which I warned her was EXTREMELY dangerous, but the pic ended with only two messages "G-regg and the Big Burlesque" and "Phil Phil makes 'em bigger". It could've been much, much worse.

We would end the evening with a trip to Newnan for some bowling and 9 holes of put put golf under some black lights in honor of The T's 30th birthday. All in all, it was another epic Saturday (which I've been having a lot of lately). Being that this all came on the heels of the Twiztid outing, I'm exhausted, need sleep, but it was so worth it and I'd do it all again next week if I could.

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