Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comic of the Week 7/1

Well, tomorrow is special for two reasons for me, one Morrison and Quitely's Batman and Robin #2 ships, and we all remember how good the first issue was, right? The second reason though is that my little girl turns a year old. Hard to believe it's been a year already, and Jesus what a year it's been. I believe most of you who read this remember, but she had a bit of a rough start and had to be hospitalized for the first 6 weeks of her life. She's a healthy little girl now though, and has me wrapped around her finger already. Happy Birthday sissy!

Comic of the Week

Back to comics though, I never imagined I'd be saying this, but I'm actually enjoying somebody other than Bruce being Batman! And it's all because of the interaction between Dick and Damien as Batman and Robin respectively. They are just plain fun to read together and I get the feeling that the writers on the Bat-titles are having just as much fun writing them. Normally I love Quitely's art, but if I had to make one minor nitpick for this comic, I'm afraid that would be it. I don't really like how he draws the Bat-costume "hanging" off of Batman. It's hard to describe, but if you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about. The solicit for issue #2 says...

"In a blazing Gotham City police department, the new Batman and Robin face the bizarre, fighting freakshow that is the Circus of Strange and find that they don�t make as good a team as Batman had hoped! Meanwhile, the mysterious Sasha escapes from Professor Pyg and vows vengeance on the people who killed her father."

Honorable mention this week goes to the first issue of James Robinson's Justice League miniseries, Cry for Justice. I have high hopes for it.

The Pull List

  • Batman and Robin #2
  • Batman Confidential #31
  • Captain America Reborn #1
  • Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #1
  • Green Lantern Corps #38
  • Justice League Cry for Justice #1
  • Witchfinder In the Service of Angels #1

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Brandon said...

I can't believe she's one already. Man that went by quick.

Happy birthday!