Monday, June 8, 2009

Mike and Cheese and the return of BonesTube!

My good friend Jonah saw fit to share this video with me at work on Friday, and being that some of you are Halo fans, I thought I'd share the wealth. Enjoy Mike and Cheese (not to be confused with the much funnier Milk and Cheese)as they rap about being Generals in Halo 3, and all the bitches that such a prestigious rank undoubtedly pulls.

Long time fans of having their time wasted might also remember another blog of mine, BonesTube. It existed solely as an outlet for posting random stupid shit I would come across on Youtube. Mike and Cheese herald the return, though in post form this time instead of a separate blog. Anything I post with a video from now on will be labeled "BonesTube". If you're unable to contain your excitement, I completely understand.

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