Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Xmas in October?!

My brother Gregg, who has absolutely no interest in comics, but an unhealthy interest in Star Wars, recently attended the New York Comic Con (he's left all of us small town folk here in Alabama behind to become a success in the big city). He went not only for the aforementioned Star Wars attractions (slave girl Leia's) but also to meet Robert Kirkman.

Here's a picture of the lucky bastard with Mr. Kirkman

Despite my telling him over the years about various comics that I thought he'd dig, and him completely ignoring me, with the tv show looming, he started reading Walking Dead. Needless to say once he got started reading the single greatest comic book of all time that doesn't have "Batman" or "Hellboy" anywhere in the title, he couldn't get enough. After 20 years of listening to me go on and on about how awesome comics are, my brother is finally going to a shop monthly to buy a book.

Now of course, myself being the loving older brother that I am, I immediately went into full-on hater mode, whining and bitching about him getting to meet Kirkman after being a comic fan for about a month when the last creator I got to meet was James O'Barr of Crow fame, and he was a DICK. Well friends, color me ashamed, as I opened my mailbox yesterday to find a manila envelope from the G-man with lots of NYCC goodies inside, including a VIP badge, Batman comic, and the following....

A copy of the Image Firsts edition of The Walking Dead #1 signed by the man himself, Robert Kirkman! So, so excited about this! It completely surprised me, and it's gone a long way towards restoring my faith in my fellow man. I don't think the G-train makes any stops by here, but I would like to extend him the biggest public THANK YOU that is humanly possible for this. It will be displayed proudly in the Batcave from this day forth.

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