Monday, November 28, 2011

Infinite Playlist - Nightmare on My Street and Are You Ready for Freddy

A double does of 80's rap dedicated to our beloved Freddy Kreuger! This is exactly what music today is missing. Gone are the days of movie soundtracks where artists made original songs that in some way connected to the source material, and I just think it's sad. No, these aren't the best songs in the world, nor is Dokken's "Dream Warrirors" from NoES 3 or Laaz Rockit's "Leatherface" song from the TCM 3 soundtrack, but dammit that doesn't matter. They're songs about Freddy and Leatherface. That may not excite anybody else, but I always dug them for their cheesy charm. Enjoy "Nightmare on My Stree" and "Are You Ready for Freddy?".

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