Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zombie Rabbit Award!

Look at ME! I got another award. Woo HOO! Ahem, I mean I humbly accept this award, and would like to thank all the little people who made and continue to make this blog possible. Namely ME, MYSELF, and I.

Seriously, big thanks to my blog buddy Cherry Neko, who has herself a pretty awesome blog that you should all be reading, Cherry Neko Saves the World. She writes about everything including horror, video games, comics and even a bit about herself, which is rare in the blogs that I read regularly. It's always a fun read, and I greatly appreciate her passing the zombie rabbit on to me in my little Batcave.

As per usual, there are rules involved with this award, and they state that I must pass the award along to up to 100 other bloggers, and I must link them up here in the Batcave and inform them of the award. Being as I don't think if you added the total number of people I've actually known since birth you would even get close to 100, I'll probably just do 5. And here they are in no particular order...

Congrats to the winners! If I didn't pick you, it's likely because I went to your blog and you already had the award. If you didn't, it's merely an oversight on my part, and I humbly apologize. Enjoy your award people! And thanks one more time to Cherry, awards are fun.