Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Won't You Die...David?

Man this guy is just ALL kinds of annoying. He breaks the Bro-Code, he's a negative nelly, and he does little other than bitch and complain throughout the entirety of Shaun of the Dead. He gets on my nerves right off the bat and just never lets up. Even when he has a chance to somewhat redeem himself, or admit to being wrong about Shaun, he STILL acts like a dick.

Aside from all the bitching, whining, and second-guessing of Shaun's every move, what REALLY annoys me is that it's painfully obvious to everybody that David is after Shaun's girlfriend, Liz. Nevermind the fact that he's already got a girlfriend of his own, Dianne, and she's WAY hotter than Liz. It seems that David is just one of those dude's who wants what he can't have and is never satisfied. I fucking hate that shit. He's always there, ready to point out Shaun's every shortcoming to Liz, like a little guy dressed in a devil suit sitting on her shoulder. Even when Shaun attempts to get his shit together, saving Liz and the others from the zombie horde, he is still there to bring him down. It's nothing short of a blatant Bro-Code violation, cock blocking in the first degree, which a pretty serious offense and is punishable by death.

Luckily for us, there's a large group of zombies waiting outside the Winchester ready to carry out David's death sentence. Seriously, there is nothing between you and hundreds of flesh eating zombies except a pane of glass, and you're going to stand right by the window? Yeah you deserve every bit of that being torn to shreds, dude. The best part? Liz doesn't even appear to be all that upset. Turns out you weren't as "in there" as you hoped you were, douche. Burn in Hell, David, nobody even cares that you're zombie chow.


Lissa Lycan said...

WAY hotter than Liz? Sorry, but I think she's ugly and plain. But that besides the point, I also hated this dude.

Mister Bones said...

I shouldn't have used the term "hot" in reference to either of them, change that to Dianne is less hideous than Liz.

Lissa Lycan said...

Lol guess I see your point. But I think I like Liz's style better. Anyway, all this is so not the point of your post. Excuse my random-ness :p