Saturday, April 14, 2012

Big Solace Lost News!

So as I mentioned earlier, last night Solace Lost destroyed Soho's in Columbus and I was lucky enough to escape with my life (few others did) to bring you big news.... Solace Lost has been invited to open for Lacuna Coil on the Atlanta date of current tour at the Masquerade! The show will be on Saturday, May 5th. This is huge, and there is no better time to come out and do your part to support local music in the Atlanta area. I seriously urge you to consider coming out to see them live, even if you may not particularly consider yourself a metal fan, they put on a hell of a show.

Tickets for the Lacuna Coil show through Ticketbastard (master) are going to run about $25, but can be purchased from Solace Lost for less. As always, anyone interested can contact the band through their facebook page (which you should "like" while you're there) or as per usual you can contact me for more info, my email is in my profile here on blogger. Come out and see a kick-ass show, support local music, and if all that isn't incentive can meet ME. What a bonus!

Upcoming chances to see Solace Lost live...
April 21st - 7 Venue, Douglasville GA
May 5th - Masquerade w/ Lacuna Coil, Atlanta GA


Solace Lost official said...

Come meet Mister Bones!

Mister Bones said...

Haha! What incentive, right?!