Sunday, April 1, 2012

Infinite Playlist - Daylight Slayings Time

You know you're gonna have a good day when you wake up and discover that Solace Lost has ninja'd a new video up on Youtube while you slept. Brand new track from Tales From the Batcave's most favoritest band, plus there's a kitteh!  Enjoy!

Also for all you local folks, there are plenty of chances to see Solace Lost live coming up in April including...

April 7th in Loganville
April 13th in Columbus w/ Needeep at Soho's
April 14th in Newnan
April 21st in Douglasville at the 7 Venue

Solace Lost is epic live, plus there's a good chance you might get to meet me in person, so it's the very definition of a win/win. As always, you can contact me or check the band's facebook page for more info. Support local music!

1 comment:

Roscoe said...

I like it, Can't wait to see it live!