Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something brand new this week, which I'm planning on making a weekly post. If you've been with me a while, you might remember at the old blog I did a "Comic of the Week" post where I basically posted about a particular book that I was most looking forward to every week, then posted a list of the other stuff I was picking up. Nothing particularly original, as almost every single comic blogger out there does it, and Tales From the Batcave was more comic oriented back then. I eventually decided not to start that post back up when I restarted this new blog a couple of years ago, for a number of reasons none of which matter now because I've missed doing them, and figured why not start back up, only a little different this time.

So welcome to the very first "How Sweet, Fresh Ink!" post! I deliberated on this name almost all day (nope, nothing better to do) and finally decided this was it. The only hesitation came because what little comic coverage the G4 network gives to comics is also called "Fresh Ink" I believe, and I didn't want to look like I was copying them. Of course I wanted to use it as a play on Freddy's famous line "How sweet, fresh meat" from Nightmare 4. In the end I decided that I would use a pic of Freddy in the little graphic I was planning on making for my posts, and that if G4 had a problem with my title, I would just tell them to suck it. Anyway, instead of just picking one comic, and listing the rest, I thought I'd just ramble on about a couple of things that I liked from the week or maybe upcoming things that I'm pretty sure will be good reads. Should be fun!

The Goon #39 - Goon absolutely never disappoints, sadly it also sells pretty poorly in a market overflooded with books from "the big 2", DC and Marvel. Goon creator Eric Powell is one of the most outspoken advocates on the interwebs for creator owned and indie comics, and this issue is basically a big old "fuck you" to the industry, mocking almost every single superhero comic cliche, from constant costume changes, Goon spouting 9 different "origin" stories each time claiming it was a reboot every time his story differed from the previous one, to the villain using some ludicrous cloning machine to create an army of Goon clones each a different color because "multiple Goons means multiple variant covers!". This issue had me rolling.

Ragemoor #2 - I will basically buy anything Richard Corben draws. I would buy a Care Bears book if I knew he did the art. The guy is a legend in the horror comic community, and I basically worship his art. Ragemoor earns bonus points for not only being drawn by Corben, but being a pretty damn good read too. Castle Ragemoor is a living breathing monolith, whose inhabitants are trapped inside, unable to escape unless it's Ragemoor's will. Ragemoor is also not particularly fond of trespassers, most of whom end up meeting a pretty painful demise courtesy of the castle. It's a black and white book, dark in tone, and brings to mind old Edgar Allen Poe stories. My only complaint is that it's a 4 issue miniseries, I'm fairly certain not all of the Castle's secrets will be revealed in four issues, and I'm going to be left wanting more.

Wolverine #305 - Yeah, yeah.. I know, a Wolverine book, ugh. And normally I would agree with you, but what can I say? I dig Wolverine stories when there's a decent writer on board who tries to do something different with the character. It's not that he's a bad character, he's just overused. VERY overused. I started picking it up when Jason Aaron, a personal favorite, started writing it a couple of years ago. In his second or third arc, Aaron had Wolverine in a mental institution, being used as a puppet to murder people at random, by an evil genius named Doctor Rot. Turns out Doc Rot was harvesting their brains to build himself a brain-bomb. It sounds insane because it is. It was also awesome. Starting with this issue, new writer Cullen Bunn comes on board, and while I've heard some good things about him, I've never really read any of his stuff, and I was all prepared to have this be my last issue of Wolvie...but then I flipped through it, and wouldn't you know it, Wolverine is slaughtering some weird looking brain creatures, and Doctor Rot shows up on the last page. Looks like I'm in for one more story at least.

That's it for this week, short and sweet because it's getting late and I got home much later than I'd intended. Hope you'll dig these comic posts, I enjoy writing them. As usual, feel free to point out any shortcomings in the comments section, or if you're also a reader and think I might like something by all means recommend away. Until next time!

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