Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Gaming Bonestube

After accidentally discovering Diabolical Pitch earlier this week, I decided to do some poking around the interwebs in search of upcoming Xbox Live Arcade titles. I tell ya, I never would've thought I would dig downloadable games as much as I do. I guess it's partially because of the price point, $5  - $15 is just awesome for me, much easier to come across than $60 for every new game that comes out. At first the quality wasn't really there, but man these developers are really pushing the envelope when it comes to what we normally expect from a downloadable game.

First up, if you missed it on my Facebook page, here's a look at Diabolical Pitch. This game is pure insanity, from concept all the way through execution. You're a baseball pitcher who uses his athletic talent to destroy all manner of monsters and demons...and the levels play out like a pinball machine. It sounds insane because it is. But it's also damn fun. There aren't many reasons so far to actually own a Kinect, but between this and The Gunstringer, I'm certainly glad I own one. The game is out now, and will only set you back 800 Microsoft point, or $10.

I'm not as big a fan of Trials Evolution as some people out there, this game has a following larger than a lot of AAA full retail titles. In fact I didn't even bother with it originally, as I don't do racers, but eventually I played the trial...of Trials...ahem, and I loved it. This sequel looks to build on everything that made the first game such a success, and I'm ready to get all wrapped up in Trials-mania again. This one is actually out today, and has the somewhat hefty price tag of 1200 Microsoft points, or $15, but with as much content, both included and through the wonderful user created community, there's more than enough here to get your money's worth.

Bloodforge I'm sad to admit I had heard absolutely nothing about until yesterday, but I've watched as many videos of it as I can find since then. I am in awe of this game. I love the brutality and gore of course, but just watching it run, oh man this game is gorgeous. I am in love with this art design, thinking Simon Bisley meets old, badass "Sin City" Frank Miller art. I am ALL over this the day it releases, which is scheduled for April 25th, again for 1200 Microsoft points.

Finally, another that I've just discovered. I haven't read up about it all that much yet, but from what I've seen this looks like a survival-horror version of Shadow Complex. I loved that game, and I love survival horror, so consider Deadlight officially on my radar. No release date so far other than "summer" and the cost is TBA, but another 1200 is a safe assumption.

I didn't even mention the first chapter of The Walking Dead downloadable game is coming out in the next couple of weeks either. Damn, time to stock up on some points and play the waiting game. You might ask, Bones...with all these downloadable titles coming out, when will you have time to play any retail games?! A valid question, true believer. But worry not, there are few things in this world that Mister Bones always makes time for, and one of these is gaming. Plus, I seriously have no life whatsoever. 

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