Monday, April 23, 2012

Mister Bones' Top 5

There are times when I'm at the gym, tank running close to empty, contemplating throwing in the towel and heading home early...and then, as if on cue, a song will come on that completely changes my attitude and gets me even more pumped than I was when I first got there. Pantera, you ask? Nay. Metallica, maybe? Nope. Then it's gotta be Slayer, right? Wrong again friend, more often than not it's a cheesy rock anthem/ballad from an 80's movie soundtrack. And yes, I have lots of rock anthem/ballads from 80's movie soundtracks on my Zune. Don't even act like you're surprised. Top 5 time!

Top 5 80's Movie Soundtrack Rock Anthems that Get Me Pumped!

5. Win in the End (Teen Wolf) Mark Safan - I was blinded by the pain, running wild through the rain, in a parody of extacy...I was inches from the edge, fingers clinging to the ledge again, I never thought I'd win...WIIIIN IN THE EEEEENDDD! I'm gonna WIN IN THE END!!!! That is motivational as fuck right there. This song is so 80's I just can't help but love it.

4. No Easy Way Out (Rocky IV) Robert Tepper - In the gym, just as in all aspects of life, there's no easy way out, there's no shortcut home. There are ups, there are downs, and there are days when a freakishly large, blonde haired, Russian Dolph Lundgren beats your best friend Carl Weathers to death. The only thing to do when that happens is to jump in your car, crank this tune, and just fucking drive. Work some shit out, flex the old brain muscles, do some serious brooding. Real life shit. This is the perfect song for such occasions.

3. You're the Best (Karate Kid) Joe Esposito - This is the ultimate pick me-up song toward the end of a long run. It's impossible for you not to get a second wind, imagining you're running for Olympic Gold...inching every closer to that finish line, with a Jamaican super speedster nipping at your heels the entire time. Fuck I'm getting pumped just thinking about it, sitting here typing away on my laptop. Of course this song also applies to other situations, and can be used in any number of ways. A Facebook status update for instance, or when it randomly plays on your computer while you're in the bedroom with a lady friend...hypothetically....

2. You Got the Touch (Transformers the Movie) Stan Bush - Almost as good as the song itself is the scene when it first plays in the movie. Optimus finally arrives at Autobot HQ while the Decepticons are straight up wrecking shit, and single handedly turns the tide of the battle, sending Megatron and company packing. I get chills whenever I hear the beginning, even when I'm at the gym...chills. I also pretend I'm a big red Transformer and proceed to lift more weights than any normal human being should. I've got the touch...I've got the POOOWWWEEEERRRR! YEAH!!!!

1. Thunder in Your Heart (Rad) John Farnham - Hands down, the number one song to listen to when you're in need of some motivating! They're dying to shake you, trying their best to break you...and though the going is rough, you're coming home as a HERO...'Cause there's thunder in your HEART, every move is likea LIGHTNING! It's the power you feel when you get your taste of the glory! Holy shit, YES. You are motherfucking right, Mr. Farnham. Get outta my way, bitches! There's a fire gonna start, and you know you're going under...I can light the dark when you hear my heart of THUNDER!!!

Whew! There you go people, a heaping dose of motivation for your day, courtesy of Tales From the Batcave and Mister Bones' Top 5. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a burning desire to go run some laps around my house, or go out to the driveway and bench press my truck. 


Erik (Drunketh) said...


...this is beyond fucked up.

-_- i like it.

Ty said...

Excellent list! I love Thunder In Your Heart.

"Every move is like LIGHTNING!"