Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Comic of the Week 12/3

A day later this week due to the holiday last week, damn shipping schedules. Not a lot to look forward to, and I'm feeling lazy so let's get it.

Comic of the Week

I'm assuming that most people aren't reading Batman Unseen, though I can't imagine why. It's as close to the old pre-Cataclysm days as you're gonna get and I for one enjoyed the Moench and Jones run on Batman back then. Plus it's Batman vs an invisible mad scientist. Batman. Versus an invisible mad scientist. For real. As if you needed any more coercion, solicit say this:

"The evil of the Invisible Man ends here! In order to stop the unseen Dr. Glass from killing Bruce Wayne, Batman must use the invisibility serum on himself and battle the Invisible Man on his own terms. But will The Dark Knight succumb to the same madness as the Invisible Man? Seeing is believing, but you won't believe your eyes!"

Honorable mention this week goes to Sweet Tooth #4, which has been a pleasant surprise from Vertigo. Check it out before it gets so far in the run that you're kicking yourself for not listening to Bones back in December when he told you to check it out before it got so far in the run that you kicked yourself for not listening to Bones back......

The Pull List
  • Absolution #4
  • Aliens #4
  • Batman Confidential #38
  • Batman Unseen #5
  • Blackest Night Flash #1 (what? Dude, zombies!)
  • Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1 (see above)
  • Deadpool Team-Up #898
  • Sweet Tooth #4
  • X-Force Annual #1 (what? Dude, Jason Pearson totally draws this!)

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