Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Infinite Playlist Special "New Solace Lost" Edition - Despite All, We Remain

Yet another entry into Mister Bones' Infinite Playlist, as if you're not tired enough of them lately. But most of you already know, this is a friend of mine's band, that's his handsome mug up there on the top right, I'd mention the fact that I also know the guy on the top left, but then I'd just sound like a braggart. I totally do though.

Anyway, always the one to do whatever he can for a friend, this guy right here is. So, get used to my pimping the hell out of Solace Lost here in the Batcave. I'd likely pimp their music anyway, even if I didn't know half of the band personally, because they kick ass. This is their new demo, "Despite All, We Remain" from their forthcoming second album. Turn up your speakers!


Anonymous said...

Badass! Can't wait till the 10th. Hogansville won't know what hit 'em! :p

Mister Bones said...

I should probably go ahead and warn you, I'm planning on going dressed as a bear, just to really fuck Hulk Hogansville up. There's gonna be news choppers everywhere, it's gonna be pandemonium!

Anonymous said...

Leprechauns would be the only thing that could make it better!