Monday, May 23, 2011

Nowhere Bad

Attention t-shirt junkies! I was contacted by email by a brand new t-shirt company in the vein of Ript, TeeFury, and Shirt.woot called Nowhere Bad. You know the drill, a new shirt goes up and you have a set amount of time to buy before it's gone forever. Nowhere Bad changes things up a little bit though, instead of just giving you 24 hours to make a decision, they give you 72. Personally, I like this a lot.

As with the others mentioned, a brand new shirt from Nowhere Bad will run you only $12 shipped, and will feature a variety of designs from different artists from all over the interwebs. So any aspiring artists out there looking to get art printed might also want to take note. Currently the infamous Were-Rooster from one of my personal favorite artists, Captain Ribman, is up for purchase. You can check it out below, and be sure to bookmark Nowhere Bad. Cheap awesome tees are the best kind, yanno?

1 comment:

Zombie said...

That is one weird chicken man! lol.