Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Won't You Die...Trent?

Seriously, what the fuck is it with guys in movies named Trent? Must they all be douchebags? Another Friday the 13th film (sorta) and yet another Trent that's just begging to end up on the business end of a machete. This time though, it's personal.

I've made no secret of the fact that I harbor just a little bit of a crush on miss Katharine Isabelle. I have since Ginger Snaps. Well, good old high school jock dickhead Trent here just happens to be her abusive boyfriend in Freddy vs Jason. He's nothing but a dick to her from the moment he crashes the party at Lori's house with his 12 pack of cheap beer. It even continues after they make a retreat upstairs to the bedroom to get it on. It's here the he meets his demise, courtesy of Jason's aforementioned machete, but not even death can stop this fucker. He appears one more time, during Gibb's dream sequence at the rave and ultimately leads to her getting stabbed through the chest. He got Katharine Isabelle killed! This motherfucker is done.

As stated he does die, and it's a quite satisfyingly painful looking demise, but fuck if he doesn't show back up. If ever anybody deserved to die twice, it's this guy. Unfortunately, we only get the one time though, and I always enjoy watching as Jason repeatedly stabs him through his back with the machete before folding the mattress in half, with Trent along with it. I can only hope it was as painful as it looked. Go to hell Trent, and take your cheap beer with you!

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DrunkethWizerd said...

Trent. The same guy from Transformers and F13 Remake. Yeah, I remember that fucker. Sad to see Starscream and Megatron go out like that... but not him? At least Megan Fox gave him herpes.