Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dave Finch Batman Black and White Statue

Been a couple months since I put in an order for a statue. There have been a couple of my favorites, the Batman Black and Whites, but they were either by artists I don't particularly care for, or of characters that I might like, but don't necessarily want statues of. Itching to add more to my collection though, and thankfully in this month's Previews, DC Direct came through for me.

There are a lot of Dave Finch haters out there, though aside from being consistently struck by the tardy bug, I always enjoy his art. It's normally dark and gritty looking, and he's definitely a superhero artist, but dude can draw. In the past he's worked with Top Cow, then on to Marvel, where he did a brief stint on one of the worst Moon Knight series' of all time. He's currently working on a new Batman ongoing, The Dark Knight, which he's also writing so if this one sucks we can't blame anybody else.

This statue is from the Batman, Inc. story that's currently draining every single bit of money I have from my bank account. There are two Batmen now, one Dick Grayson, and the other a just returned from the timestream Bruce Wayne. The costume in this statue is the new one that Bruce is wearing. I kinda dig it, I love that the yellow oval logo is back, but I could do without the lines on it. Either way, this is a really good looking statue, can't wait to add it to my Black and White shelf.

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Drake Sigar said...

Dude is seriously roided up.