Friday, December 3, 2010

Infinite Playlist - Passenger


J. Astro said...

Love the track, have always liked this song tons & lots - Mynard & the Deftones sound fantastic together and probly could'a done an excellent full-length project. Although I might've done without the Sin City video stuff... I'm gonna commit some sort of nerd-blasphemy here and state that I don't much care for the movie. Sure, it's a fairly spot-on & faithful adaptation, but the graphic novel was sort of a riff on extreme tough guy cinematic aesthetic anyhow, so when you make a movie out of a comic that is essentially already an exaggerated mockery of movies...? Too much irony for me.

Also, when FM's version o' The Spirit then came out and looked exactly like a Sin City rip-off it soured me quick on the whole "b&w + a bit of color" style, and I suppose some of that backlash has extended to SC as well. *shrugs*

Anyway, yeah. Deftones!!! Woooo!!! *devil horns*

Mister Bones said...

Being the uber comic nerd, and Robert Rodriguez fan that I am, I love Sin City. Can't help it, there's really no way around it.

Frank Miller on the other had, I could give a fuck about. I like Frank as a comic book writer/artist from the 90's. Everything he's done post-300 has been garbage. And don't even get me started on how he brought this whole "graphic novelist" shit to us. Now anything that's ever done from comics has to be "based on the graphic novels". Even The Walking Dead on AMC. Well fuck all that graphic novel shit, because almost every one of those "novels" existed in single COMIC BOOK format first, and were later collected into one volume. Why is everybody all of a sudden ashamed to be called a comic book writer/reader/etc.?

Angel1649 said...

I fell in love with this song ages ago. Never has a song moved me in ways this one has. But everyone who knows me, knows my affection for Maynard and Chino. I worry that when I love a song as much as I do this one, I will grow tired of it and eventually it will lose its appeal. There is no growing tired of this. By far the most haunting and beautiful vocals ever recorded...and I think I will listen to this on repeat until I fall asleep. Thanks for posting it and having brilliant musical taste like myself ;)

Angel1649 said...

As for Sin City (movie) not so great. Not to mention that I am horribly afraid of Mickey Rourke, aside from his part in Angel Heart which is for total physical reasons.

Book was good, though. Maybe I should find it in my mess of books and read it again. I could use some relax time reading comics and listening to this song. Sounds like the plan to an awesome night to me!