Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hockey Night in Atlanta

That's right kids, tonight I'm braving the mean, cold streets of Atlanta, Georgia to watch my beloved Atlanta Thrashers take on a team that I hate almost as bad as I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins and Alabama Crimson Tide, the collective douchebaggery known as the New York Rangers. I used to be indifferent to the Rangers, but then they let Sean Avery play hockey for them, and went on to sweep my Thrashers the one and only time we made the playoffs, thus cementing my hatred of them. So here's a gigantic FUCK YOU from the Batcave to the Rangers, and here are some pictures of Atlanta's "Blue Crew" Ice Girls for my Legion of Loyal Followers because I love you all so much.


And just to show my objectivity when it comes to any members of the opposite sex that may drop by, here are some hockey players for you ladies. Mister Bones has got your back!

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Luke said...

My Hurricanes have a crew of Ice Girls as well. I think they are called the Storm Girls or something along those lines. I want to say Carolina was one of the first teams to have one. And of course, we also have a pig for a mascot (Stormy).