Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arkham Asylum Black and White and DCU Online Batman Statue

DC Direct decided that it had been too long since anything I ordered came in, so they shipped not one, but TWO statues this week. One of which I was pretty excited about, the other of which I came close to not even ordering to begin with, but once I got it out of the box, I was glad I did. Pics were taken with my Droid, because it's so much easier to just take them and email them to myself, forgive the quality.

First up, the one I knew I almost didn't order, the DC Universe Online statue. It was the fact that it was based off of Jim Lee's art that eventually persuaded me to order it, despite the fairly generic look in the picture in Previews. I was pleasantly surprised in the amount of detail in the sculpt.

Still prefer the black cape and cowl, but that's my only real nitpick. I like that it looks like they used two different kinds of paint, I suppose in an attempt to give the gloves, boots, cape, and cowl a "leathery" look. It actually works pretty well, but again I think would've looked better in black. And of course I always prefer the yellow oval logo to the plain black bat. 

Next up, the Black and White based on the costume in the Arkham Asylum video game. This thing is gorgeous! There are things about it that the comic book fan doesn't like all that much, but being that it's based off the game and not a comic, there's no arguing that it's pretty spot-on.

 As stated, no real issues with this one, I'm very pleased with it. Any complaints I have are with the design of the costume in the game, and I can't hold against the statue. The pose is pretty close to the one on the front of the game's boxart, but his head is turned more to the side, and the cape is flowing instead of just draping down. Some subtle difference, but it looks fantastic. Great detail in the sculpting on the costume, I wish I had a better camera to get some close up shots of it. This one is surprisingly one of the better looking statues in the Black and White series, and one that I'm sure a bunch of people skipped over due to the video game origin.

I'm going to play a little catch-up at some point this week, I have one more statue that I never posted any pics of from last summer. It was back when I got my DC Dynamics Batman statue and Villains of the DCU Joker mini-bust, the Black and White Frank Quitely statue also came in and I never got around to the post about it. So that's coming up soon, and as far as I can remember that only leaves one statue that I still have on order, the Dave Finch Black and White from a couple months ago. My absolute favorite artist right now, Jock, tweeted a while back that he was asked to design a Black and White though, and that bad boy is getting ordered as soon as it hits Previews, can't wait to see what his will look like.

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