Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beast Pop!

If you frequent any of the wonderful daily t-shirt sites that I do, chances are you already own a shirt with the fine work of our first artist in the "Wasting Paper" revamp, Jared Moraitis. I personally own Zombama, and came very close to ordering We Belong Alive when it hit Fright Rags in October. I'm also currently dying a little on the inside every day that goes by without a Slave I Racer in my closet.

I emailed a while back asking for permission to share a few of my favorites here in the Batcave, and permission was granted on one condition, I have to say only nice things otherwise the Beast Pop gorilla will be sent to my house to pull my arms off. I immediately agreed to this condition because, really, who could have anything bad to say about these?


We Belong Alive

Slave I Racer

You can check out more wonderful art at Mr. Moraitis' blog over there in the blogroll, or just click here since I know you're too lazy.


Lissa Lycan said...

I still adore the We Belong Alive shirt. I should have ordered that one. :(

Luke said...

"We Belong Alive" makes me think of the Misfits song "Dust to Dust," specifically the bridge:

We belooooong dead!
We belooooong dead!
We belooooong dead!
We beeeeeelooooooooooong!

Zombie said...

Speed Racer Boba Fett is so awesome!