Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ramen, Robots, and Red Sauce

Today I'm gonna highlight another artist that I've come across online recently, Drunketh of Ramen, Robots, and Red Sauce fame. He posts a lot of his art there, along with various other badassery in the form of horror, movie reviews, and Transformers.

I humbly asked for permission to post a few of my favorites here in a Wasting Paper post, and after narrowly ducking an axe swing directed at my head, I was given said permission. Seriously, how this guy isn't doing Metallica album cover art I will never know. Now if only there were some Batman, Jason, or I dunno, maybe Batman vs Jason in there somewhere....


Vampire Beavis

Skull Fucked

Plenty more of Drunketh's art can be found at the aforementioned Ramen, Robots, and Red Sauce which you can visit via the link above, or can always be found over there on your right in my blog roll. Big thanks for letting me use some here in the Batcave sir!


DrunkethWizerd said...

Hey thanks dude! I'm honored. It was a really cool surprise to see this when I got home. My bartender, who's the most gorgeous girl in the world EVUR, asked me today how the blog was going. I told her nothin' much, but it was cool to see you posted on my art.

And I've drawn Batman twice, but they were a part of this mimicing thing where I tried to adapt to certain comic's art styles. So basically they're my drawings of someone else's drawings. (This started when I was reading Danger Girl and thought, "I wonder if I can draw like J. Scott Campbell?
" They still look sweet though, maybe I'll show em off sometime.

joeymax said...

cool stuff dude!!

Mister Bones said...

@Drunketh, you're welcome! And thank you for letting me post some of your stuff. Looking forward to more over at your blog.