Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Infinite Playlist - Monster

Not a huge Kanye West fan, but I do like that Jay-Z fella. This song is pretty dope though, and the video is fucking awesome.2011's first addition to the Infinite Playlist is "Monster", enjoy.


Brandon Cackowski-Schnell said...

Jay kills any track he's on, no question.

That Kanye album is the real deal, though. It's genius. The Nicki Minaj album is pretty dang good too.

Mister Bones said...

The more I listen to this song, the more I want to check out the album. I know we differ on some things, but we seem to share similar taste in hip hop, so if you like it, I'm sure I will too.

Unknown said...

I'm loving Pink Friday. As much as I want to loathe it, I can't bring myself to it. She's a bad bitch (she said so herself). This is far and beyond one of the coolest videos in a long time. Love the dead chicks...Nicki Manaj is great, Jay-Z is as well. It's just overflowing with greatness. I would watch this daily, until I got tired of watching it. Thanks for sharing it. I'd have never seen it if you hadn't!

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell said...

The Kanye record is really interesting because it flip flops between him doing the usual "I'm the greatest thing ever" Kanye thing over to "I am such an incredible fuck up it ain't even funny" and it's amazing to see that kind of honesty on a hip-hop record. And, the studio version of Runaway is brilliant.

BTW, I love the new Kid Cudi too. Take a listen to the new Big Boi if you get a chance. It is very dense with beats but it's a very satisfying record.

Mister Bones said...

Yeah that new Kid Cudi is the business. Listening to it quite a bit here lately. I also went ahead and grabbed Kanye, only listened to it once so far though, but I love Runaway.

Will check out Big Boi on your recommendation, Bink. Thanks!