Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eat it, Bill!

I fired up the Xbox last night, got set to play through Blood Harvest, and waited patiently for OBB to begin the witch startling. I made it through the first level without ever hearing one, not uncommon for first levels but I could tell OBB was starting to get antsy. He had that startle-ready look about him.

Level two started and it wouldn't be long before I would hear that signature sobbing. Of course my first instinct is to figure out where she is, then head in another direction. My partner OBB on the other hand would be on her trail like a fat kid who just smelled cake. To my surprise, the all too familiar "Bill startled the witch" message never popped up on my screen and her sobs soon became an echo in the distance behind us. There would be another ahead though in level 2, and somehow OBB refrained again. Could it be?

In all, through the last 4 levels, Blood Harvest would tempt OBB and the rest of my companions with 7 witches, including one in the finale which is the first time I've ever known of such an occurrence. Normally once you're done with level 4, the main things you have to contend with in the final level are the horde, Boomers, Smokers, Hunters, and Tanks. I thought surely with this being OBB's first opportunity to fuck me at the very end, it would be too much for his old ass to resist, but though I definitely heard her, I never did find her. I stuck to the road, afraid to venture too far into the woods, which I suppose is where she probably was.

Once I made it past the ambulance at the gate, I made a B-line for the farm house and called for a rescue. I did my best to leave OBB behind, but he's a resilient bastard.

That's right kids, I've finally done it.....

WoOT! Do Not Disturb baby!

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Amber said...

I have a feeling there will be a witchhunt when you come visit. lol