Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Infinite Playlist - diemuthafuckadie

Ah, February. For some, it's all about candy and flowers, love is in the air along with a bit of a chill which makes for perfect, romantic evenings spent curled up by the fire with that special someone. In the Batcave it's all love, all the time and as such for your listening pleasure I give you Twiztid's heartfelt ballad from their debut Mostasteless, diemuthafuckadie.

Side note, before my first post I had no idea that it would link you to where you could purchase the albums for these songs. I'm in no way condoning the purchase of these albums, nor am I getting any kind of kick back if you were to decide to click on the Amazon link and do so. It's not like I paid for the music when I got it, why would I expect anyone else to? Get em however ya like, ye scurvy pirates! Arr!

Anyway, yeah Twiztid, diemuthafuckadie, enjoy!

Diemuthafuckadie - Twiztid

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