Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kiss the Cook!

It would appear that right now, my spiffy new "looks like it always did" blog will be filled with nothing but randomness. Apologies for those of you returning for one thought-provoking post about comic books after another. I still read them, I assure you, just not as many. I suppose the truth of the matter is my brain is a little stuck on random right now, and I've chosen to make you fine people suffer along with me.

Now, first a bit of embarrassment to get out of the way. When I posted yesterday that I expected you f*ckers to comment away, of course I was referring to Binky. I never expected the first person to comment to be Mrs. Frozin (whom I would never refer to as a f*ucker). So, sorry about that Amber!

However, in one of her comments she did offer to give me some help with recipes. Some of you know already, but I've been learning to cook lately. Don't ask me why it took almost 5 years, but I'm no longer content to feed my son from the microwave, or warm up chicken in the oven that's been previously cooked in other, more effective ways. So far nothing I've cooked has killed him and to be perfectly honest I'm pleasantly surprised. More pleasant surprisedness comes in the form of my actually enjoying cooking, which I never would've thought to be the case. Here's a pic of me hard at work in my kitchen on something that was probably delicious:

So far I'm pretty good at meat loaf, an assortment of breakfast foods, Mr. Binky's World Famous Pepperoni Pizza, Mr. Binky's World Famous Pepperoni Pizza minus the pepperoni, and the soon to be famous Mister Bones's Taco Ring (or "those delicious tacos with the ham in it" as Jacob refers to it). Of course various meats prepared on the grill don't really count, as I've known my way around a grill for several years now.


I'm always looking to branch out though, and while I do have a couple of cook books now the thing about them is everything in there sounds good, but how do I really know it will be good? So in an effort to keep my children from starving, or worse yet suffering from bad food prepared badly by their father, I'm calling on anybody out there willing to pass some recipes my way to either shoot me a comment here, or send me an email at the address on my profile. This ought to be interesting.


Brandon said...

Dude, I have tons of recipes I can share with you. I rock a kitchen until it's hair turns gray. And if I can do it, anyone can do it because I'm fucking stupid.

hrimcealde said...

do you like mexican? i can give you some Mexican recipes.

Also, I can give you many recipes for quick and easy meals. But not right now, because it's 7:20 am and I have to leave the house in a few minutes.

Why don't you ask my sister for some recipes and stuff...she's the one thinking of quitting work to go to the CIA.

Mister Bones said...

That would be awesome Bink, I'm of the mind that we share similar taste in foods based on your blog posts. I'm still afraid of the Bacon Explsion though.
Lauren, I'm not the biggest fan of mexican food, but Jacob loves the Taco Ring to the fullest, so I'd be interested in learning how to cook more. Mexican seems like it would be tough to do right though.
Linde and I have spoken about getting together one weekend and having a cookout. While I'm not entirely sure what Central Intelligence has to do with it, I'm sure I could learn a thing or two from her, especially if I'm interested in permanently scarring appendages through second or third degree burning.

Brandon said...

Do not fear the bacon explosion. Fear the fact that I made it better by heating up a slice and then slathering it with Nutella, 'cause that shit is fucking scary.

Scary awesome, that is.

hrimcealde said...

Culinary Institute of America. CIA.

If you don't mind my prying, what is it that you don't like about Mexican food?

You should get Linde's recipe for hashbrown casserole. that stuff is good.

What kind of ethnic cuisine is your favorite?

Mister Bones said...

Brandon... Nutella? Dude.

Yeah, that's my fault. Linde and I discussed this yesterday actually. Whenever somebody mentions the CIA, my brain goes almost immediately to Chuck, which leads me to his CIA appointed bodyguard and me likes me some of her.

Pry away! My main problem with Mexican food is that most of it contains either beans or rice, or beans and rice and I'm not a fan of either. I do enjoy the occasional taco or burrito though. And my taco ring is pretty dope.

Hash brown casserole, check.

I could eat Italian all day, every day. By far my favorite, with hamburgers coming in a distant second.